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Welcome to Discdrome Ltd, we have been trading since 1990. We are based in Kent in the UK and undertake projects from all over the world. Over the last 5 years we have been focusing on Internet based projects.

We can provide consultancy and advice in London and the South East of England, in most aspects of Small/Medium size IT including all infrastructure, security, e-mail, and Internet activities. We have a small dedicated team of professionals, and a much larger network of skills we can call upon as and when required.

One of our ongoing projects is Dr Gadget Ltd, creating the web site and all the back end systems. Dr Gadget is one of the well established Gadget Shops online in the UK market .

We also run our own network of sites, used for revenue creation and proof of concept, with new and existing ideas.

360 Shopping Network

We snapped up quite a lot of shopping URL's with the 360 theme in the title, these are currently operating as Amazon affiliate sites, but this may change in the future. These sites can be found here:-

UK focused - 360-gifts.co.uk, 360-shopping.co.uk, 360shopping.co.uk, 360gadgets.co.uk, 360toys.co.uk, shop-360.co.uk, shopping360.co.uk, shop-360.co.uk

USA focused - 360-gifts.com, 360-shopping.com, 360gadgets.com, 360shops.com

Gadget/Gift Network

We have a nice collection of gadget and gift domain names, if you want to acquire a quality gadget, gift name that you can build a business around look no further! All these domains get traffic, are in the search engines and earn some revenue. None of the domains have been actively marketed or used as an individual business.

adultgadget.com, bargadgets.com, findgadget.com, gadget-master.com, gadget-shop.com, gadget-uk.com, gadgetboyz.com, gadgetfreaks.net, gadgethouse.com, gadgethut.com, gadgetsshop.com, girlgadget.com, gizmo-shop.com, gizmoes.com, gizmos-n-gadgets.com, gizmosuk.com, health-gadgets.com, present-shops.com, shop4gadgets.com, ukgizmos.com, vgadget.com, xmas-gift-shop.com

boys-toys.co.uk, gadgetshops.co.uk, girlgadget.co.uk, health-gadgets.co.uk, healthgadgets.co.uk, online-gift.co.uk, xmas-gift-shop.co.uk

Other Holdings

We hold a few hundred domains for ourselves and also some of our clients, some of these domains hold considerable value.

UK domain names are valuable pieces of UK online property, Domain buyers from all over the world are seeing the investment potential in the UK domain market. This is helping the 35-50% growth in UK domain value year on year. Holding a quality UK domain is an investment for the future, much the same as buying any investment.

If you have reached this site through one of our networks of sites, and you are interested in acquiring the domain, then please e-mail steve@discdrome.com with your offer of interest. All of our domains are for sale, for the right price, as we always say make us an offer! We may also consider renting a domain name, and any partnership ideas you may have.