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Consultants, and consultancy! Most people cringe when they hear those words, "They are getting the consultants in" well not us. We offer a plain speaking service which will explain all of your options and our advice to you on a clear path forward.

We wont blind you with science and keep dropping words that nobody understands, we offer a plain speaking honest professional service. Of course if you need to parade us in front of your board of directors then we can turn on the "Bullshit" if thats what you need.

Our half day and full day rates are we believe very reasonably priced, for the high level of service we provide.

We have and can consult on any of the follwoing areas :-

Website design, Website architecture, e-commerce solutions, payment options, search engine optimisation, pay per click campaigns, hosting, IT infrastructure, Database systems, Security Penetration testing, IT systems solutions, Interim senior IT staff (IT Manager and above, subject to avaliability), IT Audits and probably a few we have forgot to mention